SEO and the Financial Industry

The finance industry is not only one of the biggest industries but also one of the most competitive on the internet, with that in mind you can only imagine what a finance company has to do in order to be on the front page of search engines. SEO especially has become the main focus of most if not all Financial Marketing companies all around the world. On the journey to get ranked higher on search engines the industry have made a lot mistakes and this post is going to explore those mistakes so they can be avoided with your next SEO strategy.

SEO as a side piece

A common mistake people make when it comes to financial marketing is not realising the importance of an SEO strategy, most marketers only come onboard to SEO when they realise that all other efforts are not giving them the results they want. It is essential for SEO to at the forefront of any project of business for the best results. When you consider SEO from the start you get to design and plan your project according. It’s worth remembering that if you do not implement your SEO efforts until after your site has been launched or after your project has started then you will not be able to see the full effectiveness of SEO.

Tags (the lack of)

If you would like to run an effective SEO campaign then you should be able to recognise the importance of using tags properly within your website. In order to use tags effectively they should be relevant to your site and business, it also requires an extensive research into keywords. It is important to find keywords that are relevant to your business and are frequently used by your competitors and their customers. You will also need to follow the character limitations for your titles and descriptions as well as focusing on geographical locations. This is important because it makes sure that your site is reaching the right people in the right places.

Linking strategies

A majority of financial marketers do not fully understand the importance of gaining links, for some people building and launching a website is where their efforts stop. However, to be able to grow your brand and audience you need to be able to have credibility and to have credibility you need to other sites with more authority to link back to your site, this shows search engines that your website is trustworthy which in turn improves your rank on search engines. It is also a good idea to conduct an internal linking strategy where you can link to pages within your site to make it easier for search engines like yahoo, google and bing to crawl your site.

Social Media

Everyone uses social media in different ways and for different reasons, as a business your social media platforms should be integrated into your SEO efforts as it contributes to bringing inbound links to your site. Proper management of your social media platforms requires integration and continuity, this means that you link all of your social media channels together so the same information can appear on all platforms, continuity also means that the information about your company and the NAP (Name, Address and Phone Numbers) are correct and match the information available for your company on your Google My Business page.

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