Online Safety with the Return of Roaming

For mobile users in the UK looking to travel once again, internet usage may come at a premium with the return of roaming charges across all of the major networks. It’s something that may look to return to other European countries too with the suggestion that roaming charges could once again become the standard – for those looking to experience their favourite activity whether this be through online gaming at and its biggest offerings to watching the latest shows and movies on streaming platforms, the reliance may now be on public wi-fi or other free to access connections, but care should be taken more so than ever now.

Be wary of public wi-fi – With the lack of roaming charges and the strength of mobile data these days, there had been less reliance on some to use public wi-fi points, but many still fell victim to spoofed access points that would be used to steal data, so much so that some countries do have plenty of warnings to be careful of these access points particularly in trusted locations. With roaming charges returning, however, it’s likely that many travellers will rely on these access points more than before, and the risk may increase.

Utilise software where possible – An easy answer to the problem is simply to utilise software that aims to keep users safe online – VPN’s have been widely advertised across tech and non-tech channels on platforms like YouTube for a long period of time and as such there are plenty of discounts and offers available – care does need to be taken as not all countries allow the use of VPN’s but they’re a great option for staying safe online whilst using these public access points, and some experts expect an increased usage of these services whilst roaming charges remain in place.

Common sense plays the most important role – For the less tech savvy, discovering the difference between legitimate and non-legitimate wi-fi points will always be difficult, even for those who know what to look out for, and this is where common sense will plat the most important role. Unless using online options is essential, it’s often better to just stick to the hotel connection whilst on the road and stick to using public connections in built up areas where alternative access points will stand out – and if ever need, ask the staff to confirm where there may be some uncertainty to clarify if what is being looked at is the correct option.

Caution should always be used when looking at any public wi-fi both at home and whilst on a journey too, and developing good habits can make it much easier in the future to practice good online safety.

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