How Online Services Have Benefitted During the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has been a time of uncertainty for many individual and business’ due to not knowing if you and/or they will come through the other side. Due to the lockdown restrictions, many if not most have business have had to close business and shut up shop which has prevented many businesses from trading at all due to them not having an online presence – bringing us onto how online services have thrived during the lockdown period.


Online entertainment businesses have been the winners in terms of business during the lockdown – online movie subscription services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have both reported vast increases in subscribers over the height of the lockdown period. This have been down to an increase in demand for entertainment in-house during the lockdown as consumers usual hobbies e.g. five-a-side football or cinemas have been prevented due to the lockdown. Both of these streaming services have capitalised on this by keeping their content fresh and every changing with brand new uploads ever week.



Other online entertainment services that have seen a rise in numbers during lockdown has been those of online casinos. Due to casino stores being shut, and gambling markets being limited due to zero live sporting events, an influx of these types of customers migrated onto the online casino world. However, with the reintroduction of sporting events around the world, the online betting markets are starting to see numbers rise again due to this, here is a list of the top betting sites not on Gamstop. Even with the reintroduction of live sporting events and betting markets getting back under way, trends are showing that even with the rising numbers of punters, the online casinos won’t be affected by this.


The final online business that we have seen benefit from the global pandemic is E-commerce marketplaces like Amazon. Online shopping has become a more secure and safe way for shoppers to purchase their everyday goods and consumers fully took advance of this with Amazon reporting increased sales during Q2 of 2020. Infact, Amazon have had to hire 100,000 new employees to cope with the increased demand during the lockdown as reported by Forbes.



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