Company Cars and Driving Safe

If your business has a fleet of vehicles for use by employees, you know first hand what an expense this fleet can create if not taken care for or damaged in some way. If you’re an employee who regularly uses a company vehicle to do business for your employer, you should know the importance of always operating the vehicle in a safe manner. As the employer, it’s imperative that you ensure your cars are in tip top shape. Maintenance tips and schedules and suggestions are available for practically any car make and model on the planet at if you need more information about this. As an employee, it’s your responsibility to drive responsibly every time.

As the employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a valid driver’s license and are covered by a solid insurance policy when they’re driving your cars. It’s also your responsibility to make sure your employee’s driving privileges remain in good standing. Employees must always follow driving rules and laws in the community in which they are operating the vehicle. They must also never drive company vehicles under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or even prescription medication that can impair their ability to drive. If an employee is required to wear prescription glasses while driving, they are obligated to do so. If the car an employee is driving is decaled or wrapped with the company logo or information, the employee should also drive in a manner that positively represents the company for which they work. Company cars can also be targeted for fraudulent car accidents whereby another drives causes an accident on purpose with the company car thinking that it will be a pay day if they get hurt. Employee drivers should always be vigilant of other cars on the road.

The employer should regularly check the vehicles within the fleet for fuel, maintenance issues and general condition. They should alo empower employees who drive their vehicles to address any problems with the vehicle as they arise so as not to compound the problem even further.

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