What is the Future of Construction After the Pandemic

Many industries including the construction industry are seeing massive changes after the pandemic.


Even with places slowly reopening, some with requirements and some with none. And with most construction projects are back on track, there are still adjustments and maybe even some delays.


Impact on Construction Projects

Some states did shut down their construction projects during the lockdown, others didn’t. But it still seems like all projects are seeing delays.


The Associated General Contractors of America reports that a little over half of the construction firms had to stop projects. Almost a quarter report shortages in needed materials, equipment, and parts. And a staggering 40 percent reports that they had to lay off some employees.


Is the Industry Slowing Down?

Did you know that there are approximately 680,000 construction employers with over 7 million construction employees across the country? This leads to about $1.3 trillion in new construction structures every year.


It is no surprise that the construction industry is huge. That is why the government stepped in to pass a $2.2 trillion economic stabilization package to help businesses, including construction businesses, find relief during this time.


So, there might be a lot of construction projects currently in the works, but how about new projects?


The American Institute of Architects reported that the Northeast has seen the largest decline in new construction projects. The West saw the least impact.


And many are not expecting things to change in the next few months. Only a little over a quarter of contractors believe that they will see an increase in sales in the next 6 months. This leads to almost 1 in 4 contractors anticipating a decline in sales by the end of the year.


Working with a Construction Lawyer

Whenever you work on a construction project, you should meet with an Arizona construction attorney so they can help you through the process, from obtaining a license to reviewing contracts. And they will be with you until the very end, to make sure the project is done efficiently and effectively, with no legal issues.

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