Strange Vending Machines

Convenience is perhaps one of the best word that can be used to define vending machines. But at some point, the concept of “convenience” got kind of out of hands, resulting in some strange vending machines around the world. Below you will find some of the weirdest items that you may have never thought would be dispensed from vending machines.

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Should you ever find yourself in the situation of being barefoot while in London, perhaps because of a series of circumstances that may have started and ended in a pub, then this vending machine is the answer to your prayer! Yes, we are talking about a sneaker vending machine here! The only issue is that you can only try the shoes after having purchased them. It might be “inconvenient” if you pick a pair of sneakers that is one size too small or too big.


If you’ve ever been near a train station in Amsterdam, you may surely have noticed those strange bike vending machine in blue. These convenient machines allow you to take a bike so that you can travel around the city, and of course those bikes are on rent. So, at the end of the day, wherever you have been traveling, you will have to return at the vending machine to return the bike. In Amsterdam, you can even have a vending machine selling exclusive bike lights.

Soccer Balls

There is no doubt that soccer plays an important role in the lives of many people around the world. It fact it plays such a major role that some individuals in Cape Town, South Africa have come with a solution to make soccer fans happy. The Soccerbox is a soccer ball vending machine that can provide you with a ball for 100 South African Rand. That must probably make you wonder if people would really go to a machine just to have a kick! At least, you can now remove all your frustration if your soccer team is losing by using this vending machine.

Live Lobsters

When you hear the name ‘Sub Marine Catcher’, you will most probably think that it is a navy vessel for special commando missions in the depth of the ocean. But instead, this is a vending machine that dispenses live lobster in the city of Sapporo, Japan. The machine will most certainly remind you of the carnival claw arcade game, complete with its Atari joystick. According to Peta, this is a lobster torture machine. What’s disturbing is that many restaurants and bars have these Lobster Zone Games.

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