Remember, Music Is a Form of Art but It Is Also an Unforgiving Business

Do you remember Chesney Hawkes, Lily Wood, David Zowie, or Borgeous? They were all what is known as “one hit wonders”. What they represent, however, is the music industry. This is an industry in which you can climb to dizzying heights in an instant, but you can fall just as quickly and just as hard. This is something you have to be prepared for if you want to become involved in any element of music business. However, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting and staying involved. One of those things is that, when it comes to a music business degree high quality classes are an absolute must.

Comparing the Arts and the Real Worlds

A music business degree is usually a liberal arts degree. Once upon a time “arts” meant things such as music, painting, and sculpting. Today, it refers to those areas of business that deliver a service or product to third parties. Music business, therefore, is a bit of both. At the same time, if you have ever told someone you want to get involved in the world of music, they will probably have told you that “in the real world” people just don’t make it there. If you believe them, then you are sure to fail as well.

What Should You Know about Making Music Your Real World?

First of all, you have to see music business for what it is: business. It is as much a business as what Johnson & Johnson is. For some people, this is hard to understand. After all, you “play” music! However, as soon as you start to understand that it is a business, you will also start to have a better chance of becoming involved in it. Think about it: it’s not the music game or the music try, it is the music BUSINESS. And that means that, at the end of the day, it’s all about the money!

Secondly, if you want to be successful, you have to learn a number of key business principles and skills. The vast majority of people who are successful have studied these skills extensively and you should do the same. Sure, there are the lucky few who seem to have stumbled into success and who have nothing but luck on their side. But most people have studied and worked very hard.

Thirdly, remember that you want to be involved in this industry. If you have hopes and dreams, then you have to go for them. A life worth living is a life that is lived!

Getting into the Business

So how do you get into the music business? As much as it is about what you know (obtain that education and complete a music business degree!), it is also about who you know. This is why you should complete an internship as part of your degree program, and you should invest heavily into finding the perfect opportunity.

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