Planning a european road trip- everything you need to know

As the warmer weather starts to make an appearance, thoughts and attentions quickly turn to that all-important summer holiday! But if the thought of lying on a beach for a week or two soaking in the sun doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the old favourite road trip might be more up your street, and what better place to explore than Europe!

We’ve compiled a list of what we believe, are the top European road trip routes you can take, along with tips and advice on how to ensure your journey is a safe one. To make sure your vehicle is ready to hit the roads, talk to the guys at Kwik Fit.

2.Where to go

3.Route 500, germany

The Route 500 road through Germany’s incredible Black Forest is ideal for those wanting to escape to somewhere pure and magic. This is one of Germany’s oldest and most treasured roads and has fast become one of the most iconic motorcycle routes, sending adventurers deep into the midst of the forest and on a smooth rise through the mountains for some picturesque views.

The best time to experience this road trip is through the summer and autumn months are the roads are safer and the days are lighter for longer.

4.Spoleto to Norcia, Italy

One of Italy’s most treasured gems is the scenic stretch between Spoleto and Norcia. Sample olives in Spoleto as your start the journey and take in the idyllic hilltown before hitting the road towards Valnerina.

A top tip for this road trip is to prepare for all weather, pack your sunscreen along with your hat and gloves as the Castelluccio village is 1,452m high and while the sun may be shining be prepared to encounter snow and ice as you enter this part of the journey.

5.tollstigen, norway

Home to one of Europe’s most winding roads, a steep 10-degree incline and 11 hair-raising hairpin bends, known as the ‘Trolls Path’. The Trollstigen route is a one-lane road which has been carved from the lofty mountains and supported by stone walls so it is advised to beware of tumbling rocks and treacherous terrain.

Be sure to stop of the ‘Eagle Road’ between Geiranger and Eidsal where the road climbs to 858 meters above sea level for outstanding views.

6.preparing your car

Before you take on any road trip you should ensure your car is in decent working order.

7.check your tyres

It is a legal requirement to ensure you have a minimum of 1.6mm worth of tread on your wheels. Failing to do so will not only risk the penalty of financial fines but you also make yourself vulnerable to decreased vehicle control.

It is also important to check the pressure of your tyres before departing. Low pressure levels are said to be the main cause of tyre blowouts which can be increasingly dangerous when travelling at high speeds, and finally, make sure you have a spare tyre to ensure you are prepared to carry on your journey should the worst happen.

8.the 3 bs

Your vehicle check should also include the 3Bs, Bulbs, Batteries, and Balancing. Be sure to check all lights are in full working order including reverse lights, brake lights, headlights and indicators and take spare bulbs just in case.

The older the car battery the less reliable it becomes, so its always important to get a professional to run a thorough battery check before taking a long journey.

Checking your wheel balancing and alignment is also important, if your steering wheel wobbles when travelling at high speeds or if your tyres are wearing unevenly you should seek the help of a professional.

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