Paving the Way to Long Term Business Success

Description: As a business owner, every day presents something new. From inventory to employees, you’re balancing a lot, and that means in today’s competitive marketplace you need better support than ever to succeed.

Do you know where your money is going, or if it’s being properly handled? A business’s primary concern is its money, and its money is also one of the primary reasons it can go under. The #9 reason businesses fail, in fact, is a lack of financial responsibility and awareness.

Consider your debit and credit card transactions. Designed to expand and maximize the potential of your business, they can also be the source of excess charges. Do you know how much you’re being charged for processing equipment and transactions?If you’re using a merchant service provider like Square or PayPal, you’re paying 2.75%+ for every swiped card payment (and more than 2.9% for every key-entered payment), which probably seems reasonable until you realize the industry average is 2.44%, and that Targeted Merchant Solutions’ processing fee is a mere 1.25-1.99%.

Not all merchant services providers are equal. At Targeted Merchant Solutions, there are no hidden fees lurking in the shadow, and our affordable solutions are available to everyone from start-ups to well established businesses.



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