Keeping Yourself Safe By Expecting The Unexpected

It is almost common sense for us to be extra cautious before we go on an adventure, however it is easy to forget that we should be giving the same amount of attention to potential hazards in our daily lives too. Have you been overlooking the importance of expecting the unexpected? It certainly isn’t too late to start preparing yourself now, think of it as a 2018 resolution. You can keep you and your family safe by increasing your awareness on how to stay out of harm’s way can keep yourself and your family safe. If you’re not sure where to begin, pocket some of these simple but highly useful tips that Slater and Gordon Injury Lawyers have suggested on how to prevent damage of health or even the loss of life.

When you’re at home

Our homes are a safe haven to us, but there might still be hazards that go unnoticed. Only 32% of those polled consider safety on a daily basis, so here are a list of things to remind you to pay attention to around the house if you haven’t thought about it lately:

  • Keeping burglars away from the house and your properties safe

    • Keep your house safe from burglars by ensuring all doors and windows are locked before leaving your house

    • Install security cameras and/or alarms outside the house to provide an extra level of security

  • Keeping your and your family safe from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

    • Turn off electrical appliances before leaving the house, minimising the chances of faulty electrical circuits causing a fire in the house

    • Remember to blow out candles before leaving the room

    • Put a carbon monoxide detector in the house to warn you of any irregularities in the air

    • Install and test your smoke alarms regularly

When you’re at work

Amongst facilities, social activities, flexible working hours and regular training opportunities, 60% of people view a safe environment as the most important thing about their working lives. Here’s a few things you can do to improve the safety of your workplace:

  • Keeping yourself safe

    • Familiarise yourself with safety exits and evacuation plans

    • Follow rules and regulations set by your company

  • Ensuring your employees and colleagues are safe

    • Learn first aid so you can help whoever needs medical attention

    • Suggest regular meetings to discuss safety measures

    • Take near misses and accidents seriously and reflect on what can be done better

When you’re travelling

  • If you travel by car:

    • Check the weather and be prepared for if it is snowing or raining; decide on the safest route and avoid potential road hazards in poor weather conditions, for extreme conditions you may want to stay indoors

    • For low light conditions, check that all lights have working bulbs, keeping the roads safe for you as well as other drivers

    • Remember to test your tyre tread depth, tyre air pressure and levels for fuel, oil and water regularly and make sure your car is in a fit state for driving

  • If you travel by bike:

    • Check the brakes are working

    • Check tyres are mounted correctly in the rim

    • Make sure tyres have sufficient air pressure

    • Ensure the seat is securely attached

    • Wear or attach reflective accessories

    • Make sure there are working lights on the front and back

These safety tips are simple but they are the things that can really make a difference when you least expect it to. Now you have an idea of how to keep yourself and your family safe, all that is left to do is for you to apply this to your home, your workplace or when you’re on the move. Prepare to have the best time in 2018, know that it is your #SafestYearYet.

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