Is Commercial Property Investing Your Next Calling?


Do you consider yourself to be an investor?

Given there are different investing options, you may feel overwhelmed with all there is to look at.

With that in mind, you might be better off focusing more on one area of investing if new to the game.

For instance, if someone asked you what is REIT investing, would you be able to answer them?

Pooling Your Money with Others for Commercial Investments

Do you know what real estate investment trusts (REITs) are? They allow you to pool your money with others on commercial property investments.

So, you might want to think about investing in say office complexes or shopping centers.

Starting with a look at office complexes, you want a complex that has several factors going for it.

These would include:

· Room for growth – An office complex that has room to expand can be great on a couple of fronts. First, as many companies look to grow, they do not want to feel trapped in a building with little or no room to grow. For those charging rent to the tenant or tenants, they want the possibility of adding to the property. Keep these factors in mind when you search for office complex properties

· Nice area – An office complex in a bad part of town can make for several challenges. The first would be that it could mean a revolving door of tenants. Although rent is due, instability means times where it is empty and a financial risk. Second, word oftentimes gets around that certain parts of a town are best to be avoided. As a result, it can be hard to get new prospects in to rent the property.

If thinking about investing some money in a shopping center, you want to look at the following:

· Ability to grow – Like an office, a shopping center tends to do better with growth potential. Relying on a handful of stores to carry the load can prove challenging (see more below).

· Mix of stores – Those centers with an assortment of stores tends to do better than one with only a few stores. So, you may look at a property with one or two anchor stores and a variety of other smaller pieces to the puzzle. Shoppers tend to go from one store to the next if they have some extra time on their hands once in the center.

Find Those You Can Trust

When you’re not a regular financial investor, it can be hard to determine what is and is not a good investment. Yes, even the investment pros more times than not will look around for some advice.

You can rely on word-of-mouth to find where investment opportunities may be waiting.

Also make an effort to study up on commercial property investing online.

Given the growth of the Internet, it is no surprise there is a lot of info related to investing online.

While investing videos and podcasts can be helpful, you may find blog posts to be quite a good resource too. The nice thing with these resources is you can view them on your own time and on your computer or mobile device.

So, if commercial property investing is your next calling, will you get started today?

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