How to Securely Get the Most Out of Your Android Device

Hacking Androids have become so common these days. Just recently, it was all over the news that that CIA agents use hacking tools to break into anyone’s Android devices. WikiLeaks also exposed that certain tools allow hackers (including CIA Agents) to bypass secure messaging apps on Android devices. When the security is bypassed, they are able to intercept encrypted messages. There are majorly three methods that hackers use nowadays:

  • Spy Apps – There are apps that can be used to spy your calls, messages, phone screen and key logs if installed on your phone. Some of these apps are camouflaged as innocent media players or games on the play store.

  • Snooping – Snooping, which is the most rampant, can happen when you connect to a public Wi-Fi. Basically, a hacker on the same network can gain access to your device by latching onto your data stream.

  • BlueSnarfing – This is a subtle way of hacking Android devices through forced Bluetooth pairing. Once the pairing is accepted on your device, the hacker would be able to access your calendars, contact lists, pictures, private videos, emails, and text messages.

Tools to secure your android

I believe every Android user should be concerned and conscious of the security of their device. You should learn the steps to take in order to clamp down hacking. Below are three (3) things you could do to securely get the most out of your android device.

  • Tool 1: Block ads

As mentioned earlier, nowadays legions of malware sources are on the rise. Mobile ads happen to be one of the major means by which Spy Apps are purveyed. Therefore, one of the ways to guard your phone against these malwares is to block mobile ads, but this does not seem to be easy.

Firstly, the trusted ad-blocking services for PC browsers are not available on Google Play. Furthermore, those Ad-blockers that can be downloaded from third party sources often require manual configuration by changing your proxy settings. Even with this, the device’s native browser and some other apps will still display ads.

Looking at how complicated the process of installing and configuring these Ad-blockers are, we must find a better way to approach ad-blocking, an approach that will help you block ads without rooting your device.

  • Tool 2: Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you frequently connect your device to public Wi-Fi, then you should consider using a private VPN service. This will protect your android device from snooping. Hackers need your IP address in order to be able to latch onto your data stream. This is where using a VPN comes in; it will prevent hackers from figuring out your IP address.

If you are looking for a great way to protect your internet privacy, then you should use a VPN on your Android device. With a VPN in place, all of your internet communication is encrypted, so hackers cannot gain access to the data you’re sending and receiving to and from the web. This way, your personal information and passwords are kept safe and secure.

  • Tool 3: Manage your Bluetooth functionality

Managing your Bluetooth functionality would prevent hackers from gaining access to your android device via BlueSnarfing. Firstly, it is advisable to disable your Bluetooth device whenever you are in certain public areas where hackers could be lurking around. Such areas include coffee houses, public transportation vehicles, shopping malls, and movie theaters, just to name a few.

Furthermore, if your Bluetooth device has to be on, the functionality should be set to hidden, invisible, or non-discoverable mode. With this, hackers are prevented from seeing your android device.

Before now, people barely had any idea what hacking an Android device meant or what it entails. But even now that we know so much about hacking, still not everyone knows how to prevent it. However, with the information supplied above, you would be able to crack down hacking and securely get the most out of your android device in no time.

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