How to make your start-up look the part

Launching a new business can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. One of the issues that you will need to focus on is creating an appealing office. Only if your start-up looks the part will you be able to impress potential customers, business partners and investors. Here are some simple tips to help ensure your workspace makes the right impression.

Design an attractive reception area

The first thing people will see when they enter your premises is your reception area, so it’s imperative that this section of your workspace is spot on. A professional looking desk and some stylish and comfy seating are a must here. If you have the space, extras like a coffee table and a coat stand can help to enhance the look and feel of the space too. It’s now easy to pick up discount office furniture online from specialists such as Furniture At Work™, so you don’t have to spend a fortune kitting out your reception.

Impress with your meeting room

Another area to focus on is your meeting room. This may be the scene of many an important sales pitch and negotiation, so nothing but the best will do. A suitably sized table is essential and you will need enough seats. To really impress, you can opt for luxurious leather versions.

Invest in plenty of storage

It’s amazing how quickly paperwork and other items can build up in office spaces. From day one, you will find yourself accruing piles of documents. To help you keep order in your working area, it’s vital that you have enough storage. By investing in plenty of cabinets, drawers and shelving from the outset, you can ensure your office stays neat and tidy.

Brand the space

It’s also important to brand your working environment. This will help to give the space a professional look. Displaying your firm’s name and logo on signage in and around your office will help with this. You may also want to ensure that your decor and office furniture reflect your company colors. This will help to give the space a cohesive look.

Pay attention to detail

It’s important to pay attention to detail too. Simple touches like dotting plants around your office and adding artwork to the walls will help to ensure the space looks the part. Also, always make sure that your working area is spic and span.

By following simple design principles like these, you should be able to ensure that your office creates the right impression from the get-go.

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