How to be happy in the Digital Age?

There have been many changes since 1960, where the world has witnessed some great developments. These are in the fields of technology, art, science, education, film, music and many other aspects of modern culture. Technology is one field that has greatly evolved. It is a tool that we must learn to wield effectively and live with harmoniously.

Make a space in our workplace

Hide all electronics that are not crucial to what you are currently working on for a few hours every day. This is to strategically unplug yourself. As per recent research, the mere presence of a cell phone can diminish your productivity and attention on cognitively challenging tasks. Reducing distractions can get your work done more efficiently and quicker. So, hiding your electronics until you’re ready to go home will only be beneficial for you.

Why not take it a step further by using your time without technology to focus on your emotional and mental health? Look for a few minutes during your workday to practice meditation. You just have to sit quietly in silence and concentrate. You will be amazed at how focused you will feel once you are back to work.

Create a space in our homes

By carving out moments in our day to disconnect will only be to your advantage. This will enable you to spend more time with the family. For instance, you can spend time with the kids or partner baking a cake or even cook. With Christmas close, this could be the perfect time for you and the family to decorate the house and even put up the Christmas tree!

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Create a space in our community

In addition to making space and time for ourselves, we should create a culture of connection. Why not find ways to turn the positive aspects of technology into a benefit for everyone? This can be done by creating awareness on the major aspects affecting many lives. This can be done by creating social support, by sharing ‘how to control high blood pressure’ for instance.

A simple action from your end can be helpful to your community or neighbourhood.

Many perceive technology as a toxin that needs to be flushed out of our system. But, this is not the case. It can be easy to get distracted, however we must learn to use it as a necessity and not an escape. We can ensure our undivided happiness and attention in the digital age by making sure that those techs are only being used efficiently and positively. Put your phone or tablet aside while you are having lunch, dinner or even a drink. Instead, focus on the conversation!

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