Get Hired: How Human Resources Hire the Right Employee

A lot of people think that the interview is the most stressful part of the hiring process. Truthfully, it is not just the interviewee who is feeling on edge, hoping to get hired; the interviewer is also under a lot of pressure to find someone to hire. Indeed, the human resource management does not just aim to make sure a company is able to help employees grow and maximize their potential, but their responsibility also involves looking for people who fit the company’s values.

Human resources usually makes or consults a criteria that an applicant must fulfill during their interview. They will not just see if the applicant and the company is compatible, but also if the person can contribute to its growth. Remember that they will work hard towards giving employees training and makes sure that they are well provided for, so it is important to see if the person they are hiring is worth all those efforts.

In this article, we will explore how human resources find the right person to hire. Hopefully, this does not just help the people involved in the hiring process, but also those who are looking to get hired.

Assessing a person’s skills

The first thing the HR would do is check the applicant’s resume. Their educational background and experience are to be found in this document. Resumes are usually only a couple of pages long, in fact, three pages are already too long. The HR would know if the other items in the resume are fluff if it is longer than it should be. Note that they will only look for specific experiences that an applicant had that will be important to the company.

Other than the resume, the interview itself will also include assessing technical know-how by asking them questions specific to the job they are applying for. They will see if the applicant answers with confidence and great knowledge.

An applicant willing to learn

Of course, just because they have the knowledge and analytical skills needed to fill in a job vacancy, but they should also be willing to learn a deal more from the company. Best practices are sometimes specific to a business, what they were doing in their previous work will most likely be different from what the current company is practicing. For this reason, training, that will also involve refresher courses, will be conducted. A person who is not willing to adjust to these changes may find it difficult to work with the other employees in the company, which would mean that they may not be fit for the job.

Considering interns for the job

A company that offers work experience to interns will help them look for candidates that do not just have the skills, but those who can fit in with the company’s culture. Interns are trained to work for them from the very beginning, assuming of course that they were given actual tasks to handle and not just treated as secretaries or messengers. By doing this, the HR already knows their strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. They can easily craft a training that will just improve upon what they have learned during their internship, so it is less of a hassle for both the HR and the applicant.

These are what the human resources focus on. They need someone who already has the skills but are also willing to be taught new ones. Someone who is confident, but not arrogant. Most importantly, someone who is personable, but not too difficult to work with.

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