A Good Recruiter Covers All The Bases

Finding the right individual to fill a job vacancy is not just about placing an advertisement in a strategic location. It might also require turning to a group of executive recruiters to weed through a sea of applicants. So how does an applicant get noticed ahead of all the rest? Is there anything they can do to shine brighter so a head hunter pays special attention to them while discarding the others? There are basic steps that both recruiters and applicants should be taking.

Once you have had a reasonably successful interview with both the recruiter and the company, you should still maintain your line of communication with the recruiter. If you have questions after the interview has been completed, these questions should be passed through the recruiter. This is because they were hired to fill the position in the first place. There are times when it makes sense to cut out the middle-person, but this is not one of those times.

A professional recruiter will always have both the company and the applicant in mind. This is a sign of a recruiter being capable in their field, as they are also looking to make new relationships between people and businesses. The recruiting process may not seem like a difficult one, but a good recruiter has to cover all the bases, making sure that every requirement of the employer is met. After all, they are being paid to find the perfect employee/s. At the same time, they also want to make the future employee happy. Whatever the reason is for a company hiring a recruiting firm, when the job is done, both parties must walk away satisfied.

When it comes to filling a position, whether it is in sales or marketing, it is usually advisable to bring in some executive recruiters to complete the hiring process. Hiring a professional recruiting company means that all the legwork will be done for you, because they actually go out and find someone who is recognizable in the industry. The person they look for is usually outgoing, professional, and has established a reasonable amount of credibility with people. Headhunters don’t only look for hard workers. They seek out unique characteristics, such as someone with a bold personality, who may even do well as a public speaker.

Your recruiting firm will understand the importance of scouring the social media sites for possible candidates. LinkedIn is one example. These sites provide a good indication of someone’s work history. They also portray candidates who have excelled at their jobs, making them assets to the company they work for, and inadvertently a powerful addition to any future team. Recruiters may also obtain resourceful recommendations from candidates who may not be interested in moving on, simply by pointing them to someone who is. Whether it is a position in your IT or legal department that needs to be filled, if you need someone who will stick around for awhile, pass the responsibility to an executive recruiter instead. If you live in the GTA, find the top headhunters in Toronto to help you with your search.

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