6 Facebook Marketing Tools You Didn’t Know About

Every year, people are spending more time using social media, and although there are many players around, Facebook is still the behemoth. While many use it to watch cat videos, it’s becoming a great platform for marketers to reach their audiences.

If you’d like to run ads on Facebook to get results, it’s important to learn about all the little tricks. When you know how to target a specific group, craft headlines that get read, or ensure your posts look great on Facebook, you’ll possibly beat your competition.

Create the Ideal Target Audience

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Sometimes, you don’t want to send your message to everybody; you just need to reach women over 40 years old who like football and live two kilometers from your store. Facebook lets you do just that. You can even target people who like your competitors if you’d like to raise awareness about your product or service.

Write the Perfect Headline for Your Posts

You probably know how important images are on Facebook posts, but headlines are the second item people pay attention to. If you cannot convey the topic of your post or how it’ll help your audience in one sentence, they might never click on it. So, make sure you use a headline analyzer to write a killer headline.

Use Facebook’s Reverse Phone Lookup

Did you know you can find someone’s profile on Facebook by searching for a phone number? So, if a customer calls with an inquiry, you can later reach out to them on Facebook. It’s not the perfect tool, as sometimes people have on their privacy settings, and you might need to use a different website to find them.

Use the Page Manager App

Long gone are the days when you needed to hunch over your computer to manage your Facebook Business Page. With the Pages Manager application, you have total control over everything that’s going on. You can start new ad campaigns, stop the ones that are not working, and even reply to customers’ messages.

Fix the Look of Your URL With Facebook Debugger

When you post a URL on Facebook, it crawls the data from your website and puts all the info on your timeline post. But, what if you made a mistake or decided to change the feature image? You can use the Facebook Debugger tool to recrawl the data and fix any issues with the URL.

Schedule Your Facebook Posts

One of the greatest tools on Facebook Business Pages is the ability to schedule your posts. So, if there’s an upcoming event and you know you won’t be able to publish a post, you can just schedule it for the exact time you want. However, if you’d like to post on several social media channels at the same time, you should use a service like Buffer.

Facebook is an amazing place for entertainment, but when you change your mindset and look at it as a place to do business, the possibilities are endless. If you remember that most of your customer might have a Facebook profile, you should be there to reach out to them.

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